How it works

  • Turn It On

    All you need is open the app. Propeller works in the background mode, seeing and remembering other people who also use the app. Propeller doesn't use GPS or cellular network, and that's why it requires very little battery power.

  • Discover

    Propeller allows you to see other users in real time. Just open the locator, and you will see fellow users around you (typically within 50m/150ft distance). You can detect the person you are interested in by looking at the profile pictures. Make sure your own photo resembles the real you to make it easier for other people to discover you.

  • Connect

    Once you've discovered the person you liked in the locator or the activity log, you can add them to favorites or send them a message. And if someone is bothering you, just add them to the ignore list, and their messages will stop reaching you.

  • Keep It Up

    Our user base is growing every day. Keep on using Propeller even if you are not discovering many people now. The longer you use the app, the higher the chances that someone you like will discover you.